Vinny Cha$e…

Vinny Cha$e, hmm where do I start?? I love walking across the Williamsburg bridge during the height of summer and have been doing so for the past 2/3 years since moving back to Brooklyn. The beauty about the bridge, is the colourful characters one encounters to and fro be it skater kids, BMXers, occasional junkies, make-out couples depending on what time, well mostly around 2am.. Don’t ask!! But there was always a set of kids I bumped into all the time. There was never any in depth conversation about anything . I would see them downtown, mostly by Supreme hanging out, one of them so chill and extremely down too earth would smile, say “whats up” and kept it moving with his skateboard in tow. The crew Ninjasonik, the kid JAJA, connection; Vinny Chase, mission complete.

There are two stars here, Vinny cha$e and Director Kid Art. I will not make comparisons with rappers that originated this style, (though someone does come to mind, in a good way that is) therefore lyric-heavy designer slang… Everyone’s doing it, just not the way Chase does it a rawness only a generation z Harlem kid can bring..Beautiful, real or fiction, who cares given the world we live in, no more blinders over our eyes on how the world is perceived, cyber space took care of that. “Money, Power and Respect rules

Director Kid Art.. I salute you. The visuals for all Vinny’s videos, from “Karl Lagerfeld” to my favorite “Tiffy,” hit home…Real “film” in your backyard, pull up a chair and enjoy Dopeness..