“‘Exotic Dislocation…”

Captured by Collin Hughes.


My vision for my Autumn/winter ’12-13 collection ‘Exotic Dislocation’ is inspired by my multilayered background, the 1920s and travelling in Asia. I often reflect on my own roots, the feeling of being lost and wanted to explore these feelings of cultural dislocation. I find inspiration from ethnicity, eastern influences and exotic motifs that I clash with modern, clean lines.


When designing I imagine a wardrobe for a traveler, a woman who celebrates culture. My muse relates to characters from movies that depict a nostalgic traveler or dreamer – for this collection it was the female character in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Lost in Translation’.


The fabrics of the collection range from light to heavy – French silk chiffons, cashmere wool, waxed cotton, Mongolian sheep fur, … The color palette runs from spicy oranges to aquatic turquoises, balanced with dark plum and light cream. The collection is composed of interchangeable key pieces such as fitted trousers, intricate shirts with sharp outerwear to match.




My design process starts with collecting inspiring imagery that I collate into mood boards and illustrate. I work from 2D to 3D so I always have to draw first. I then move on to sampling with fabric and working on the dress stand to find the right shapes and refine silhouettes. For ‘Exotic Dislocation’ I looked at shapes and details from the 1920s ; tassels, fringes and fur trimmings contrasted with simplified shapes. The 1920s is an era that fascinates me, not only for its fashion but also because it was a time of political and historical change when exotic faraway countries stimulated fashion and colonization triggered a longing to travel the world.




I combine artificial with stylized, Asian with western, industrial with urban and work a lot from contrast, which I show in all aspects of my work. The collection was also supported by an illustration series, ‘Dog Bohemia’. It was an illustrative way of giving insight into my creative universe. My research also involves illustrating my muse and objects that surround her, accessories that she would use – in this case animalistic ornamented headpieces that add playfulness and humor. ‘

Stylist: Anastasia Kaplan //
Makeup: Neringa Sutkute //
Model: Fola from Profile Models
Designer: Evelina Romano

All clothes featured, are by Evelina Romano. Collin Hughes, is a contributing photographer for by such and such.