Captured by Phil Knott.

Shadow-land, is project that I have been working on for quiet some time now. I have always being interested, in the negative, the inverse. It’s a very curious thing, how shades of light produce darkness, its almost like a person’s invisible self. Of course, there are logical and scientific explanations as to why this is, but one cannot but imagine an “alternate universe” of shadows be it, Human beings, buildings etc which only appears when sunlight is around. This project was inspired by my favorite author; Joris – Karl Huysmans, whose book: “A rebours” or “Against Nature,” about everything and nothing (as it deals mainly, with the ‘tastes’ of it’s main character Jean Des Esseintes.) One chapter in the book, is dedicated to the light in a room and how it falls.. another, of a tortoise he had purchased, but was bored on how plain it looked. He had it covered in gold and jewels, he describes the way the daylight reacted with the gold and the jewels and then he tell s us what it looks like at night. The way it would shimmer when caught in the evening light.

The abstract light cast by sunlight creating shadows, it is for lack of a better word, quite magical.

72 dpibasket

“Whose that peeping in my window”


tree 72
“The Rapture II”

light morn 72
“The Rapture”


“Alternate Universe”

“Shadow Land”

“Tentacles II”

alan barbs
“Rodavlas ilad”

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Phil Knott a Londoner, is a contributing photographer for By Such and Such. His work has appeared on numerous album covers, to countless magazines.. He resides in Brooklyn.