POTTER Spring/Summer 015… Captured by Nigel Ho Sang.

Potter Collection.3

POTTER is a womens ready-to-wear brand in the higher-end contemporary market. Our perspective is anchored in the idea that womenswear should be natural, human and sensual in an effortless, raw way.

“POTTER’s aesthetic is composed of both grit and minimalism. POTTER’s design perspective blends simplistic composition, and raw sensuality with a masculine/feminine construction – each piece remaining heavily malleable to styling approach”

Potter Collection.18

POTTER, is founded by Donna Potter – Creative Director, her designs have being worn by fashion icons such as Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as having her work featured at the Museo Christobal
in Spain (Modatik – 2012.)

Potter Collection.4

and Amanda Shea – Director (formerly of Diane von Furstenburg
and Haute Hippie.) Amanda brings a strong production expertise and a refined understanding of detailed construction to POTTER. Her industry insights, developed over 13 years within the field, insure that the POTTER product maintains the high level of quality and design integrity that are foundational to the brand.)

Nigel Ho Sang is a contributing photographer for By Such and Such. He resides in Brooklyn.