A Photo Essay Captured by Jazz Rai.


Young Sikh Boy drinking water to quench his thirst after performing Gatka a traditional Sikh martial art in Delhi India


Sikh man attending an outdoor Sikh festival in Queens NYC


Sikh Boy attending an outdoor Sikh festival in Queens NYC


Sikh man participating in Gatka (Sikh martial art) In Queens NYC during a Sikh holy procession called Nager Kirten when congregation come together and sing holy hymns throughout neighbourhood.


Young Sikh boy shielding himself from the rain during Nager Kirten in Queens NYC


Young Sikh boy holding onto his grandmothers hand enjoying watching the Sikh procession Nager Kirten Queens NY


Sikh Man participating in a peaceful protest outside the India High Commission in London for the release of Sikh political prisoners who are being held in Indian prisons years after serving their sentences.


Sikh Lady keeping warm during a peaceful protest outside India High Commision in London

Jazz Rai is a contributing photographer for By Such and Such; she resides between New York and London.