“I Shot Famous People Too…”

Captured by Phil Knott.

The real Stokes
The Strokes.
Rock and Roll, had just exploded in London – The Strokes where on tour. This picture was taken across the road from Pentoville Prison, Camden. Julian, hides in the background, they where, at that time a young and proper Rock ‘n’ Roll band, ripping into music sets; no chatting in between songs, just full on. I was commissioned by Eddie Branna, editor of The Fader, at that time.

Amy Winhouse.
I remember this session, very early Amy Winehouse before all the tattoos and whatnot, truly a lovely girl and wonderful soul. Sad she passed on so young.

erykah badu
Erykah Badu.
I would bump into Erykah Badu every now and then, for various projects and she was always beautiful and majestic. For sure a big star, she was a humble regular person. The first meeting, was when I was shooting Jay Eletronica, and she’d come to Jay and I said to my assistant “grab that girl, she looks dope!! With no clue who she was!!! (Shame on me.)

Lil Wayne and Baby.
This session, was for the magazine; XXL. We went to Miami to shoot Lil Wayne and Baby; who both arrived in matching red Mercedes Benz and a body-guard with the most crazy-looking tommy-gun I’d ever seen. During the shoot, I took loads of polaroids and presented them to Baby..With a grunt and a shake of his head, hands them back to me. I’d thought he didn’t like them, so I ripped them all up. He asked for them at the end of the shoot, I turned to my assistant too go get them from the car (trying to buy time).. But not knowing what was going on he (my assistant,) replies “But you tore them all up earlier” Baby then says; ” nigga don’t play me.” He scared the living shit outta me.. I then offered to do more,but he just turned and left. Top dudes still.

lee scratch perry
Lee Scratch Perry.
This was taken at a performance in Kentish Town I believe. My mates, had apparently been picking and eating magic mushroom up by Primose Hill, I remember one of them tripping hard and had to leave – the power of the upsetter!!

Bill Callahan
This picture was taken in my studio in East London. Bill was very shy, but had great presence. This picture to me, has an air of sadness about it… It’s a favorite, and one of the best shoots I have experienced, with a music artist.

Brian Ferry.
This portrait was taken during a break on the set of the video for “I put a Spell on You.” He’d stepped outside for a moment, and kindly allowed me to take his picture.

edward enninful
Edward Enninful.
This was for a project I was doing at time, call “Black in London.” We shot this at an East London studio called “Perserverance” on the Kinglands Road. Super calm and very quiet, we shot rolls of film and then he left.

We love Phil….