Art by John P. Dessereau.

( “It’s All Talk” acrylic then oil on canvas. 2013, 62in x 44in.)

I created this painting in 2013 and it is a piece I am very proud of. I feel like it was a successful excitation of ideas, skill, theme and therapy. I was frustrated with empty promises that come to us on the day to day. It happens so often because it has never been easier to contact someone and to talk about whatever crazy unfinished idea one can image. We all do it. I had felt burned by a friend who made some empty promises to me. I spent days on end painting the piece as theropy. It’s a really bright and is always somehow a reminder to me when I see it. Action over words.

( “Moon on Moon” acrylic then oil on canvas. 2014 32in x 28in.)

Moon on Moon is a political commentary piece. The shape of the moon and red grafitti is both the crescent moon symbol of Islam and the stars are the Star of David. It is not just a reaction to the news I gathered off my laptop but also a comment about our western perspective on that matter and similar matters like it.

( “The Roots Pile” acrylic on paper 2011 (displayed pre edited) 16in x 20in.)

I have a strong love for record art. Robert Crumb’s cover for Cheap Thrills by Janis Joplin and George Condo’s cover(s) for My Dark and Twisted Beautiful Fantasy for Kanye West are both my favorite covers and records. I have some good friends that gave me the chance illustrate The Roots for there concert series. I referenced Fernando Botero for the piece and the softness of the piece. I spent lots of time working out the portraits.

(“Bird Freedom Fight” acrylic on canvas 30in x 30in 2013.)

This piece is about american social morals. Would you consider yourself the bald eagle representing this nation or are you the pigeon battling Uncle Sam? I for sure have felt like both. It’s very much an middle class question, whatever that may be and its imaginary perimeters and boundaries for qualifications.

(“I’m Sorry” (painting sketch) oil canvas paper 16in x 20in 2014.)

One day at my studio I took a piece of canvas paper and made this painting start to finish in 30 minutes. I have expand on it and made a larger “finished version” but this paint sketch has some magic in it. It was for sure an out pour onto the surface. I was dealing with some deaths was feeling pessimistic. After some time I have allowed the image to bring me joy and even laughter. It’s about so much human emotion and I love sharing the image and idea with people. I saw this girl on the subway once and she looked sad. I gave her a post card with the image and she stared crying and laughing at the same time. It was perfect.